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Page provides information on the Home Gym System  3 . The home gym is the best choice for people interested in a smith machine or power rack because it is both a smith machine as well as a power rack at the cost of one machine. Quality exercise / fitness equipment at reasonable cost to the consumer. Home gym equipment that is state of the art. Lots of attachments as well as packages are available for this machine making it a complete home gym.

FAQ - Home Gym System  III Home Gym
Frequently Asked Questions
Get answers to questions about our exercise equipment
Home Gym System  III Leg Machines Attachments Home Gym System 
Smith Racks Personal Trainers Multi Gyms Options
Exercise Equipment FAQ
These are the most popular questions people ask us about our exercise equipment. Any questions you may have about our equipment may be found here. Please don't hesitate to contact us with any other questions you may have. Our phone number is listed at the bottom of every page.
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Home Gym System  III Questions:

How Big is the Home Gym System  Rack, will it fit in my room?

Answer: The dimensions of the Home Gym System  Rack are:
83" H X 48" W X 68"D. The Olympic Bar is 7' wide.

I want to purchase the Home Gym System  III System Package 3 but want to swap out an attachment with another attachment.
Give us a call or send us your question via email. We would be more then happy customize a package for you tailored to your preference.

Do the Home Gym System  Systems come with a bench.
Yes, all the Home Gym System III Packages include a top of the line Flat Incline Decline Bench - Model FID141 so well built even the upholstery comes with a lifetime seam / stress warranty.

Re: Home Gym System  III  Where can I see more pictures / information. Can I see a catalog with more pictures?
We offer catalogs when catalogs are available. You must complete our online form to request that a catalog be mailed to you.
Click Here For Large Images Home Gym System  III
Click Here for images of working out on the Home Gym System  III

How difficult is the assembly of the Home Gym System  III?
The Home Gym System  III can be assembled using ordinary household tools. We sell alot of them and never have any issues with customers regarding its assembly. We get some great feedback from our customers regarding the product itself. Mostly people are surprised at the quality of the Home Gym System . The feedback is always the same, and that is that its not what they expected. Its Better!

Is this a really good unit or will I regret the purchase.
Yes, this product is an outstanding pieces of equipment. Eengineers select only the finest grade steel available for the highest quality machines. Smooth welds with superior strength and aesthetic appearance comes from mig welding rather then arc welding. Mil-spec. aircraft cables are build to last. No expense is spared for materials used in bench padding.. Top grade marine grade vinyl and seams that don't get stressed.

Great pride is taken to deliver the highest quality finish possible. Using electrostatic finishing. Products are powder coated in a high gloss finish and oven baked. The finished product is a beautiful chip resistant, durable, low maintenance machine that will give you years of enjoyment and its looks will compliment any home gym.

Do I need the Linear Bearing Kit
No, the Linear Bearings are optional. They add a commercial quality feel and piston like action by providing precise bar movement. You can purchase the Home Gym System  III without this option and add it later if you choose to. Most our customers are vary happy when they purchase the unit without. If you compete in competitions, take your equipment more serious then most or want only the best, then the Linear Bearings are for you.

Can I upgrade my Smith Rack with a Lat Attachment and selectorized stack?
Yes, but purchasing a Competitor Series Lat Station may also interest you. Its an independent Lat Machine which comes with the Selectorized Stack and may save you money.

I'd like to purchase more then one unit can I get a better deal if I buy two or more?
Volume pricing is available, simply give us a call for a price quote.

Can my Smith Rack be upgraded to a Home Gym System ?
No, the System III Home Gym Rack has a larger base. You would need to purchase a Home Gym System  System.

Home Gym System  Attachments F.A.Q.

Crossover Cable: Are cable changes required when switching between Lat Pull Down & Pec Dec exercises?
No, Unlike messy, complicated Bowflex cable changes. There is no need to swap cables here, they are independed of each other.

Crossover Cable: Are the Crossover Cables Independent from the  Weight Stack?
Yes, they use a floating pulley system which separates the weight distribution to each individual handle.

Do I need the Selectorized Weight Stack to use the Cable Crossovers?
No, they would connect to the Loaded Plate System which is part of the Lat Assembly as used in the Condor Gym System and Economy Lat Machine.

Are the Handles included if I order the Crossover Attachment?
Yes, our competitors may pull a stunt like that, not us!

Leg Curl: Is the Leg Curl Bar Adjustable for taller people?
Answer: Yes, the leg curl has a slight adjustment designed for different body types.

Preacher Curl: Does the Preacher Curl Attachment come with a curl bar?
No, you can order a Curl Bar separately here.


Leg Machines:

Why do the shoulder pads on the more expensive Leg Press appear to be of less quality then the less expensive model looking at the photos.
The photos of the Competitor HGS-SL-2000 are prototype photos. The shoulder padding has been greatly improved since the photos were taken. The HGS-SL-2000 greatly surpasses the low end model in every way.

Which Leg Press is right for me?
If your looking for a better built machine, the Competitor is the obvious choice. The HGS-SL-2000 well surpasses the RS-1000 in every way. Its truly a commercial quality unit and includes comfortable, adjustable pads.


Can I fax in an order
Yes, To order by fax follow these instuctions:
1) Add the items you want to purchase to your shopping cart.
2) When your ready to place your order click on the (Place Order Button)
Complete your stength training equipment order
3) Select Offline Ordering from the next screen - this will display an order form on your screen. Simply print this out as you would any other document. Complete the details with a pen or pencil then fax it over to us. You can also call in your order at 802-773-4801

Shipping Questions:

When will my order ship?
All orders normally ship within 24 hours. For details see in our Delivery Information section.

Where do your products ship from?
Our products are shipped from a centrally located warehouse/distribution center located in Ohio.